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Make Your Day Beauty

And have some fun in between...

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At Elmhurst Drugs Center, we believe that beauty is a pure expression of what lies within. It holds the power to bring out the best of what’s inside and let it shine. Dare to explore, dare to express, dare to share what’s truly you.


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Elmhurst Drugs Center is known for stocking the best that beauty, baby and household products has to offer. From fabric softeners and toilet paper to those popular brands you’ve been wanting to discover,

find it all here. 

  • Household, Baby & Beauty Brand Names

Beauty & Health (Ace, ColorMates, Conair, Goody, Scunci, Trojan, Wet n Wild, etc.

Household (Ajax, Downy, Glade, Charmin, Mr. Clean, Oxy Clean, Palmolive, Scott, Tide, Zip Loc, etc.

Baby (Aveeno, Ace, Conair, Denco, Goody, Scunci, Wet & Wild, Max, Mennen, Arrurru, Ricitos de Oro, Grisi, Grisi Kids, ect.)

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